Año: 2018
Ubicación: Copenhagen, Dinamarca.
Tipo: Educación
Estatus: Concurso, Mención de honor

Learning is being. It is an intrinsic value of life itself. Wanting to learn is the will to want to be. Our proposal celebrates life allowing learning to happen in a much more fluid, powerfull and joyful way. We design a liquid and organic enviroment where people can experience different kind of events in order to construct together a learning ecosystem that envolves towards a renerative future; where people, communities and whole world could flourish in a free, equitable and abundant way. We offer an extraordinary experience allowing lo explore different scales of interrelation: an intimate relationship with oneself, with one another, with each other, and with the whole that sorround us, through learning spaces that ptomote contemplation, collaboration and investigation to happen in a constant connection with the outdoor atmosphere. There are three axis, two of them at the extremes that content the learning clousters where students have the posibility to design their own learning method having the freedom to explore the enviroment and collaborate in different ways. A cluster integrates eight mixed learning spaces, four mixed learning workshops, unified by an outdoor courtyard that generates a microclimate. The third cluster is more public where arts, sports and exchange occur. The whole school is content within an edible forest, regenerating not only our ecological ecosystem but alsoour social ones, trying to merge one another. Through learning we can begin to build independence. freedom and sovereignty for the future not just to surviv but flourish in this world.